Rachel Thomas Wheetly was the blonde wife of Carson Wheetly.

She and Brandi Cox have been best friends since childhood, though she usually manipulates her for her own selfish purposes. They both plot to find rich husbands and still their riches. They settle to take Carson's riches and kill him and his father. Immediately after marrying Carson, Rachel and Brandi kill him so Rachel can be the sole inheritor of his money. The next day, Rachel then plans to kill Brandi to keep all the money to herself. However, Brandi anticipated Rachel to do something treacherous beats her to the punch. After getting the upper hand, Rachel prepares to kill Brandi with a large rock, but is halted after being witnessed by a local truck driver. Both then go to the police and give their stories on how the conspiracy started, both telling both the truth and lies. Rachel is soon incarcerated the next day after finding evidence (planted by Brandi) linking her to the deaths of Carson and his father. Rachel commits suicide not long after she's put in jail, possibly because she had lost all the riches she'd planned to get for so long and will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Rachel Thomas


  • Rachel is the only antagonist who has committed suicide.
  • It's hinted at the end of the film that Rachel had been murdered in jail by an acquaintance of corrupt Detective Frank Walker
  • Rachel is the only character who's breasts weren't seen in the movie.

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