Kelly Lanier Van Ryan is one of the main antagonists in Wild Things, she is played by an American actress named Denise Richards. She is also the daughter of wealthy socialite Sandra Van Ryan. Unknown to anyone, (with the exception of Suzie Toller and Ray Duquette) Kelly was the secret girlfriend of her high school guidance counselor Sam Lombardo, who ironically had an affair with Kelly's mother Sandra.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kelly is an exceptionally attractive young woman.  She is the richest and most spoiled girl at her school.  She is known for her exceptionally good looks, her spoiled attitude, and her curvaceous figure.  All of these traits combined are how she was able to seduce her guidance counselor.

Her usual attire consists of a white shirt and short pants with a black thong underneath.  When swimming she wears a form-fitting blue one-piece that flaunts her curvaceous figure and is also see-through, making her nice chest visible.

Trivia Edit

  • The unrated version of Wild Things revealed Kelly's mother Sandra is Suzie's half-sister, making Kelly Suzie's niece.



Kelly Van Ryan