George Stuben is the main antagonist of Wild Things: Foursome.

Biography Edit

He was the lawyer/assistant of Ted Wheetly, the 9th richest man in Florida. Together, with his secret lover Linda Dobson, they plotted to steal to steal his money and live a rich life together. First, Stuben went to Brandi Cox (who hated Ted Wheetly due to him putting her father out of business and leading him to suicide). Feigning romantic interest and sympathy for her, he decided to "help her get even", to which she agreed. Two more co-conspirators were pulled into the plot, Brandi's friend Rachael and Ted's son Carson. After successfully having both removed (Carson being murdered and Rachel being imprisoned, later committing suicide) from the plot having their roles fulfilled, Brandi left for the tropics via speedboat to reunite with her "lover" George (who's just received over $150 million as a result of all Wheetly heirs now being deceased). As Brandi prepared to sail for home, she is killed when Linda blows up the boat by remote control. With their plan complete and co-conspirators dead, Linda asks George to buy her a drink, to which he jokingly asks to buy her the whole bar, causing her to giggle excitedly. The two lovers then share a passionate kiss.