Elena Sandoval is one of the two main antagonists of "Wild Things 3". She is the daughter of Kristen Richards and Jay Clifton.


Elena and Marie are kissing on the lips when they are still girls


Elena is the child of Jay Clifton and Kristen Richards, born due to her father raping her drunken mother in 1988. She was given up for adoption at birth and lived a decent life with her foster parents prior to the events of Wild Things: Diamond in the Rough. Eventually, she was found by her birth mother, and disappeared just before the start of the new school year. Secretly the two planned to get revenge on Elena's father Jay for her mother's rape and still his stepdaughter Marie's valuable diamonds, sell them and live a luxurious life together. Under the guise of being in love with her, Elena entered a secret relationship with her stepsister to gain her trust (and access to the diamonds). Together with Marie and Chad elaborate the complicated plan when is Jay forced to give up the Marie's inheritance. After Marie gets to her heritage, Elena steals the diamonds from her and she runs off. Marie is killed by Kristen during the chase.

Later they meet with Jay and finish their success by killing him (he fell off the cliff after being drugged by them). They get the money in exchange for diamonds by the Jay's laywer Theo Bloom after that.

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  • She has the incest relationship with her step-sister, Marie Clifton.


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