Brandi Cox and Rachel Thomas were 2 students and friends from Wild Things: Foursome. They both had a relationship Carson Wheetly and Linda Dobson.

Biography Edit

Brandi and Rachel have been friends since childhood, both grew up poor in the swamp. Desiring to have wealthy lives, they'd plan to go up north of the Glades and find themselves rich husbands. Their friendship was very shaky due to the fact Rachel would often manipulate and lie to Brandi for her own selfish purposes.

Preying on rich kid Carson Wheetly, the girls not only kill him and take his riches, but their already rocky friendship is put to an end as they each try to kill each other over Carson's wealth. In the end, Rachel is imprisoned after police find (planted) evidence linking her to the murders of Carson and his father Ted's murders. She is soon murdered in prison by a prisoner presumably paid off by Detective Frank Walker. Her murder was then staged as a suicide. Brandi is murdered sometime later in the tropics when her speedboat is detonated by Linda Dobson, the secret lover of George Stuben, who's also the architect behind the elaborate scheme to steal the money of the Wheetly family to live a rich life with Linda.

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Brandi is kissing Rachel on the cheek